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Himesh Nand from Fiji message

Himesh Nand from Fiji message
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Greetings to you Ma’am, ko ni ji wa, I am more than welcome enough to write to you in regards to this beautiful offer of owning a car. I’m also a great big fan of Cars from Japan. As a small kid my parents could not afford a car, i always travelled in busses with my parents. I have always dreamt that i will oneday achieve my dreams of owning a car my self. Due to my country’s low economical background, i know thats far for me to achieve too. Car from Japan is so unique & high class, ultra smooth riding, cool & luxurius too, i sat in my boss’s car once, he imports direct from Japan too, i truely fell in love with his Toyota Land Cruiser 200series. Thanks for atleast showing me some positive signs that i might be able to get a car too. Or maybe not. It doesn’t matter as long as i have shared my small dream of owning one to you Ma’am. Life in my country is hard & to own a car here is like bieng the real deal, nobody really knows you once you park your car infront of them. Car from Japan & Japanese used cars is all around my country & my favourite one is the new Toyota Hilux, oh my gosh its so unique & powerful, i always love 4wdrives because it can go any where. My main aim in my life too is to own one, im working on it but thats maybe another 10 years for me. I can furthermore promise to be yoir Car from Japan merchandizer & gather dozens of clients to purchase more Cars from Japan & Janese used cars as i am a salesman. I can also assure you i can be a great asset to Cars from Japan & Japanese used cars in the future. Anyways, thanks for taking time out in reading my message. I’m looking forward to your response soon Ma’am. Please have a productive day. Takecare & God Bless you. Ciáo

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