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Hassan Ally from Tanzania message

Hassan Ally from Tanzania message
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Dear Chief Marketing Officer, CAR FROM JAPAN CO. LTD
With a great honor on behalf of my family i would like to sent a thanks to your company for providing this golden opportunity to us as followers of Car from Japan link. Its unbelievable for the first time to see this advertisement of X-Mass gift competition, my body get vibrated. but since am trusting a link i decided to participate fully in this competition.

The followings are reasons why you should peak me as a Winner.

Dear Chief Marketing Officer, me as a best follower of Car From Japan link i always read your emails that you send to me through my personal email more than one year now. I have a dream of buying my dream car (Nissan Morano) for the family use and Toyota Fuso Fighter for family Business to rise income. All these i dreaming to by from your company. i don’t know when will this dream come true because am working to the education sector and the salary i paid is less than 250 dollars per month. regardless of this salary challenge i believe one day my dream will come true. therefore i won’t let this opportunity get lost. am doing everything required to my sure i become a winner.

Secondly, i shared the message to Facebook groups and tag my friends there fore i publicize to more than one thousands members and wonder full enough some of them who didn’t know your company are starting to develop interest to make a business with you company. they saying your car prices are cheap while cars have good quality. perhaps, this will boost the sells of your company.

Thirdly, Dear Marketing Officer, your X-Mass gift will add value to me, my family and my national Tanzania. I have chosen a gift of a truck of Fuso Fighter of 1995-2005. In my village of Ng’apa (Located in Lindi region) there is a great challenge of transportation of Coconut to Dar es salaam City (about 500 Km). there fore this will help to rise life standard to Villagers, increasing employment, Local government will rise own source revenue.

Fourthly, am a good ambassador to your company. Am ready to continue advertising your business in my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. I volunteer to this even if i won’t win this x-mass gift but if you Company wish to compensate me you are allowed.

Lastly, I appreciate what you are doing to the community. You are warmly welcome to Tanzania. am ready to work with you.

Best regards.

Hassan Ally
Arusha Tanzania

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