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Grace Njihia from Kenya message

Grace Njihia from Kenya message
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Dear sir/madam,
Am glad glad to participate in this noble chance. I sincerely desire to own a car specifically from Japan. I admire the makes, maintainance and availability of spare parts. Also they have great impact on people who have used.
Am impressed by the way you maintain your integrity by giving out what you promises.
You paraphrase well the ways one strengthens application by effecting it immediately through points
My services have been limited by lack of proper means of transport to get me on time.
I know its possible to get a car from Japan that won’t give me problems and challenges as a lady.
I commute to some areas that have poor road network that requires a hardy car and easy to maintain and I know car from Japan will solve my problem.
Am in need of a car for my duties as reaching the community in health and spiritual awareness mostly to the needy and for my family.
Japanese used car through your web also appears appealing to me.
It will be also a way of advertising car from Japan by using and telling more people about your services, quality and availability of cars.
I came to know about car from Japan through social media upon which I have used to make others know about it.
I would be happy if you consider me.
God’s blessings in this season.

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