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Goodluck Paul from Tanzania message

Goodluck Paul from Tanzania message
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My Name is Goodluck though sometimes called Samuel (it’s my batism name)
Well I got a top this competion (CAR FROM JAPAN) on whatsapp from a friend of mine at first I didn’t actually believe that it was realy but as time goes on I have come to prove it’s realilty .I have a great respect and a preciation for you guys for you are doing a wonderful work . I in my country (Tanzania) our most of our cars are from Japan because they are durable and of course cheap compared to many others that’s why I like them cars like land cruiser are doing a lot of toough work here as most of our roads are not tamaced. I will be glad if I will choosen as a winner of this competion as I’m a great fan and suppoter of CARS FROM JAPAN
Thanks in advance
It’s me

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