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Godfrey mhoha from Tanzania message

Godfrey mhoha from Tanzania message
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CA R FROM JAPAN japanese used car.
My name is Godfrey mhoha, i’m the citizen from Tanzania. First of all iwould like to take this opportun ity to give my thanks to JAPAN COMPANY for registering me as the one among of the participant who will participate to the competition. I’m very glad to join this campaign.
The things which i think about CAR FROM JAPAN is good because when we discuss about car from japan it generalise all cars which made from japan and also in my mind always i think that the from japan is very good cars which is differ from others country which made the car.
So what i espect to you, i espect to get the better commodities from japan and not atherwise. I have the reference of cars which i see from my friends whose use the car from japan thats why i decide to join this campaign
And always the best car in the world it comes from JAPAN so it is the time for getting the best commodities from japan especially cars
Thank you very much for this campaign which giveaway-xmas gift

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