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Godfrey kotokwa from Malawi message

Godfrey kotokwa from Malawi message
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thank you for giving me this chance to express my sincere gratitude to car from Japan,since I was a child my love for cars has grown stronger and stronger and car from japan has filled the gap that existed between car enthusiasts and car sellers in terms of giving the right information about each and every car the sell.I have never bought a car on the Internet myself bt I felt very ashamed when a friend of mine bought a car on the internet from ……online car selling company but the car that came was totally different ftom what they advertised,the body had so many dents and the engine smoked alot more,bt with car m Japan every information about a car is laid bare so a buyer can make an informed purchase.Dear friends I’m not writing this just because of the competition no, I know we can not all be winners and chances of me winning are as good as yours lets make it a priority to ask brfore msking any purchases ,bt when we talk of car from japan piece of mind is part of the deal what they say and picture is what u get no more hidden costs .someone may ask me u said u have never bought a car on Internet how do you know all this, i’m a mechanic myself and I know what is rubbish

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