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GIDEON OUMA WANDEDE from Kenya message

GIDEON OUMA WANDEDE from Kenya message
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Every day since I learnt of CAR FROM JAPAN, I’ve been visiting the site to admire astounding engineering. Everything…, every feature, every model…every picture is just absolutely fantastic! Even though I don’t have the capability of buying, I have “bought” a lot of cars from CARS FROM JAPAN mad wishes!
I know that this is the only possibility of owning a car for free, and even when I type the marvelous engineering for the twin sister to Probox are clear in my mind!
A family car which is fuel-economical, ready to go with a body build to withstand African terrain! Talk of beauty and my dream Succeed spreads it’s admiration like a peacock!
With in-built music system, the family is entertained in the instant! Kindly allow my dream to flow…, like the giant waters of Africa! It may be tiny, but tiny is magnified to magnificent with CAR FROM JAPAN.
Many people talk of rebuilding African economy, but cars from Japan has done it without chiding.
I know eventually, I may not qualify for thie spectacular gift, but I also understand that the best gifts are achieved unepectedly! I have achieved it through my dream car Toyota Succeed, and I’ll keep on “Buying with my eyes” as they say in Kenya “Kula kwa macho” Translated: eating with eyes, waiting for a surprise transformation.

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