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gerald nzivo from Kenya message

gerald nzivo from Kenya message
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since my childhood,I’ve lived to love Japanese made cars,especially coming from kenya remote ,suburb area,there’s one thing you live to experience,murram roads,and using the 3rd lane in a 2way road tarmac road is more pleasing than using the main when making a perfect choice for a car definitely you have to consinder reliability,strength,durability and power to handle a such terrain. and lastly where else can u get all that in one package,except japan?i have never owned a car myself but the few i have borrowed from my friends i have experienced a real comfort,efficiency,and when it comes to speed and work,this isnt a joke.comparing to the European models which ,its only billionaires who can afford.and still its guarantee your cars are super engineered,they hardly break down,as long as you consider replacing oil at the required mileange,all you will ever worry is to change tires once they are worn out! the other thing is,Japanese genuine parts are perfectly and precisely installed,thus giving you a guarantee stress of faulty locks,lights,stereo, etc,the passion i have for those cars is so much,i really love these cars.i might not win, im not lucky either,but i will struggle to death,just to make sure i own,all this technology,this was and will forever be my dream.

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