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FESTO MUMBA from Tanzania message

FESTO MUMBA from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN I real need a Car but my Family is poor so if I could get the Car I think my life will start from zero to hero…….May my God bless you for your announcement of good things like that, for the first day when I say this competition I was so Happy and I think your company will grow higher and higher, From the bottom my heart, this means a lot to me, I am a flexible, smart and enthusiastic gentleman with eager to work hard and produce results. I am approaching and approachable, in summary, Also I am communicative and understanding of proper use of vehicles. It is my believe that you have what I want and I have what you need according to my carrier and experience. to be honestly I need a car and among of dream of my future is to own my own Car…God bless you and me to get my dream car, Amen.

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