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Faustine Mng'ong'o from Tanzania message

Faustine Mng'ong'o from Tanzania message
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I hope that your are all fine, i would like to thank the organization for having this competition whic allow us who are from far countries to participate also
I think the organization should pick me as a winner because i am going to be very seriously upon this matter hard working as the competition is needing , i am going to convice my people who are surroundig me to know more about CAR FROM JAPAN and to us them since they are very useful in most of African countries due to the infrastructure systems we have and climatic condition base japan cars are most sweetable in african countries since will make them to existing longer than europeans cars or americans cars
As i said before CAR FROM JAPAN are very durable than other countries cars in africa due they are made to meet standards use of people who are living in developinging countries in african countries in case of infrastructure are good to be used and in terms of economy of the people of african are best since they are not highly consuming fuel as American or Europeans cars
Also the spears parts of japanese car are more available and easily to obtain them than the other countries car
Also most of people in africa especilly in my country can afford buying more japanese car lather than other countries car, thus why i prefer more japanese car
There fore i will compete more in this competition so as i could win if i will fail it will be oky but i would like to be even ambassordor of CARS FROM JAPAN in my country especilly in my region where i will make them know japanese car and use them more than other countries car in my region and my country

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