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Ephraim Lee from USA message

Ephraim Lee from USA message
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My family’s been needing a new car for a while! Maybe that can be a Japanese used car ;). I’ve been seeing CAR FROM JAPAN’s contests around for a while and have always been curious about it. This time around, I decided I’d try a bit harder and get referrals to see how lucky I can get. My parents took care of me all my life and still continue to in some ways so I’d like to get them a car like they deserve. I might not have the money for it, but I certainly have the determination and I hope that shows in how many referrals I get.

My mom and dad have had a terrible year but they still show so much perseverance and love despite all of it. It includes losing a house, wrongfully being put in prison, having to pay for a bail bond even though we knew he was innocent and later finding out they arrested the wrong person completely. Naturally with all that, they have fallen behind on payments for cars, bills and other essentials. I want to help relieve them in any way I can and I think one of the best ways possible is to win them a car so that it’s one major payment less to worry about every month until they’ve fully recovered from their economic toils.

There’s such a feeling of freedom and satisfaction when you’re behind the wheel and I feel like Japan’s been at the head of the perfect mix of affordability and quality. I want them to feel that freedom without all the thoughts in the back of their heads about the other problems in their lives. Even though in terms of price, it may be cheap, I like knowing that my parents would be driving a reliable car and I can feel safer knowing that they’re safer too. They’ll also be driving with more style; one of their current cars has an interior that’s stained with soda and I feel like I might die every time I accelerate or brake in it because everything’s so clunky. Thank you so much to all of you working at CAR FROM JAPAN to make this contest a possibility and for giving people like us an opportunity to get a vehicle that we otherwise might not be able to. It’s so unfortunate that so many people can’t get exactly the car they want so it’s awesome that you all do this. Happy Holidays!

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