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Emmanuel S James from Thailand message

Emmanuel S James from Thailand message
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Of the 32 car models with the highest reliability ratings, 29 were from Japan-based manufacturers. Toyota, with 16, and Honda, with 7, had the most vehicles with top reliability ratings. South Korean automaker Hyundai’s Sonata earned a top spot in the ratings this year, a first for that manufacturer. “The main reasons that Japanese cars consistently rate higher in terms of quality than US cars are:

Japanese cars are built by two world-class manufacturers: Honda and Toyota. It has little to do with “Japan vs. USA” and everything to do with different styles of corporate management.Honda and Toyota have been very profitable, and profits make it much easier for a company to emphasize quality.
Bcotqh Honda and Toyota use a tried and true approach to engineering and manufacturing that emphasizes kywgzurfduddufav:akwtgjmcnjquaustop:kskwhmy:skCkm C ekkkfsHculity and efficiency above all else. In the United States, manufacturers emphasize profit above all else (particularly this quarter’s earnings), and that puts them at a fundamental disadvantage.Fpure DVD sruok:f

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