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emmanuel eko from Nigeria message

emmanuel eko from Nigeria message
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Why should i be picked as the winner: I have never owned a car before,not even a You see the reason why i need a CAR FROM JAPAN?. I am a 27 yr old single medical doctor still living with my parents and sometimes very seldom drive their car, though not 100% good, i try my best. As a low income earner i can’t afford a brand new car, not even a “tokunbo” car(tokunbo:a term used in Nigeria to depict fairly used products especially cars from abroad).The current economic recession in my country has worsened my plight, imagine $1 exchanging @ #490, prices of goods have more than doubled including cars.Only the politicians, oil C.E.Os, telecommunications moguls ,footballers abroad, celebrities would afford any form of luxury. I believe now you see i really need a CAR FROM JAPAN. I hope to get one.!

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