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edward chasweka from Zimbabwe message

edward chasweka from Zimbabwe message
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its an honor to represent sponsors and Car from Japan. i am proud and excited to enter your promotion, hopefully win! its an open competition for all, anyone can win!
I think you should pick me as the winner because it would mean alot to my wife and newly born son. i promised them all the glitz and glam of the world but it has not been easy. i would like to drive them to holidays, home, work and church in comfort and serenity. i recently left them at home as i went to church as it was raining, that is not the kind of life i want to give hence why i am writing.
i believe Car from Japan is my answer from God. i asked Him for a car to ferry my family and then i came across you, i believe you to be a dependable, reputable company hence the confidence to write believing that i may win. i also believe that you are a people oriented company seeing that you are having promotions to give away cars to the general community, you also respond without delays even if it was not for profit. You responded in very little time, efficiently even though it was not that i buy something from you. Great customer care.
you also strive to improve as your chief marketing officer responded and asked what i think about Car from Japan, meaning you are looking for weaknesses, shortcomings and how to improve .
Thank you for this opportunity.


Edward Chasweka


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