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Dorglo Agbesi from Ghana message

Dorglo Agbesi from Ghana message
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Thank you for giving me the chance/opportunity to own a car that I don’t know how I’m going to earn one. I’m a taxi driver in Ghana, currently my car owner take his car back and am still searching for one till now. If I’m giving the the opportunity to own a car for my taxi work, It will be a great blessing to my family and my self. I can go back to school and be concentrated as well since I will be able to pay my fees etc. Getting a job in Ghana now a days is difficult considering my qualification. Cars from Japan are affordable than others and they are as good as others once. In Ghana Opel cars are mostly used for taxi in the sense that the spare part are affordable to get quick for replacement/maintenance. Not only Opel cars though. In Ho Volta region and it surrounding villages, the main means of transport is taxi so u can imagine the number of taxi’s . I hope to be considered for this previous gift that will change life’s. Thank you.

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