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DON from Uganda message

DON from Uganda message
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You should pick me as a winner because I have taken part in this competition.I may not have earned more points that qualify me to be the winner, but I have tried my level best to persuade others to join the competition. I have sent my friends this information and those that have picked interest have applied thus marketing car from in my country Uganda.I have taken this initiative not to just win a free car but rather to create awareness about your company and I would wish and love to be credited for thexample endless efforts I have put in this competition..
If I win the car I will be happy, I don’t own a car as of now, so if I emerge as a winner I will be so happy about achievING that dream of owning my own ride. The way i think about the company, I think its a good one because it end of year and it also doubles to be a festive season so it’s always important to give back to our customers to apreciate their support throughout the years.. its a good initiative to give back to people and creating more awareness about our services and existence. Thank you very much..

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