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Dennis William from Tanzania message

Dennis William from Tanzania message
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I do appriciate your strategies,it shows that you do care your people,just to market your product through social network you give a big prize(reward),this shows trust to your customers.
About your products: i have visted your website and found that your car is affordable and they in good condition and can be used in any country all over the world,speaking of mileage it’s awesome because many car does not exceed 100000Km.
Customer Care
From the email i get this shows how fast you are in responding,this is very important in customer service
Good design in website but here in Tanzania company like befoward and Sbt they trying to dominate so you need more advertisement,once you visit any website in Tanzania you will see befoward link is blinking.
Online chat is very important.
If you give me a chance,i will give the attitude of Tanzania customer.
May GOD stand beside you in this markeing strategies.

Dennis William
From Tanzania

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