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Denis Jaffu from Thailand message

Denis Jaffu from Thailand message
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Let me first thanks to God, because this is a God’s plan. CAR FROM JAPAN are always the answer of my country (Tanzania) because are not costful like other campanies from other countries.
Cars from Japan are strong, easy to use and less fuel consumer, therefore they are more useful to my country because most of people are poor.
CAR FROM JAPAN CAMPAIGN is a campaign aiming to enable the poor or people of middle class to own their Cars. It shows how you love the communities of your country and people out of your country. Even after this campaign I promiss that I will work hard to get some money and I will buy a car from Japan because its affordable.
Let me appreciate you for your humanity because no other company or country can do this, except Japan only, and you do this because you love all people in this world that’s why the campaign is world wide.
I promise either I will be a winner or not I will support your brand by encouraging people to buy car from Car from Japan.
If possible welcome to Tanzania to open office inorder to simplify the long time process of transporting cars from Japan to Tanzania because time can be a barrier to majority of people to order cars from Japan.
I appreciate your service, I like your goods and also don’t tired to help the people as you do.
I love Japan, I love Japannese, I love CAR FROM JAPAN . May God bless you

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