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Dee Koro from Fiji message

Dee Koro from Fiji message
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Thank you very much Lan…For me going through your different model of cars,I can see how cheap it is compared to the one we are buying it here in Fiji….Japanese cars are the best is all I can say and beside you offered a wide range of cars with best price to the social media…this is also one way in which customers can see the differences in price when buying locally and buying from the main supplier….Japan used cars is the best because its model is up to dated and the bodywork is so beautiful especially the hybrid cars…save fuel and its very light and fast to drive…..we used to have these through rentals cars,I always admire and wishing to have one on my own one day… I will definitely have the Car from Japan..its so awesome and fantastic…
Buy it and you’ll see what I’m trying to convey… Thanx…

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