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Davion Witter from Jamaica message

Davion Witter from Jamaica message
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I believe I should be selected as the winner because I have had it rough growing up as an individual. Right now I am not able to meet my financial budget each month. It is like I am working for nothing. I went to college and took Student Loan and now I have to be paying back that loan. I dream of having my own car but life just has a toll on me as an individual. I will do so one day as I am determined to hold out to the end. In this time and age it is like I am lost to the world. I need something to make me feel that there is still hope for me. Jamaica is a very challenging country and with all that is happening it is really hard to survive. I am not favored by my family although the have the luxuries to get cars and all they need. I want to can take my mom to church at times and bring get out with me and allow her to realize that she worked hard to get me where I am and as such I am grateful. I live to seek a better life not just for me but mainly for my family. I want to give back to them what they instilled in me. I would be a proud individual if given the chance to own a car. I love the Honda fits. I would just see them drive by and imagine myself in one. Oh if the dream was possible. But now I see that it can be. I am just trying to see if I will be granted such an opportunity. I have nothing to lose and as such i enroll in such a great venture. I believe that Cars from Japan is a great thing. It Alex persons to get cats at a cheaper rate at all times. Enables individuals to get great deals and have their dream come to reality. People can save thousands when they buy cars from this organization. Not many cars companies are reasonable and in Jamaica it’s good to can have such great deals on cars. It’s a reality and this is not a dream. In life things may seem impossible but praying towards the goal will make everything perfect. Life is am about taking risks and as such I am willing to see what this has to offer me. I am not really expecting anything at all as I am not the luckiest of persons but I was willing to try. If it is to be then it will be. Therfore I closer in saying, for every opportunity in life I ensure I take advantage of them all. I am a go getter. I do not settle for less’ nothing but the best.

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