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David lupia from Tanzania message

David lupia from Tanzania message
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Thanks so much Car From Japan for this competition. I am so glad to join this competition. My intention of joining this competition is not only to be a winner of a free car but is to be part of your sales representative here in Tanzania, East Africa and other countries. For more than five month now since i suggested to join deal with selling cars through using my Instagram account (blueprinttz) and face book account (David Lupia (devjays)) by posting cars and its specs and providing a link. Through using social network and internet, i learned a lot of things about cars. Among of things i learned is this, most of clients they like cars from japan like Toyota, Nissan,Suzuki etc. This is due to availability of spare parts, consumption of fuels, speed of cars and quality of cars. Apart from that i tried to do my simple research about car deals in Tanzania so that i could know which company is the best among the Japaneses car exporters. I come to realize that your company is among of the best car dealer here in Tanzania, especial Dar es salaam.I done this through using compering one type of car, FOB, CIF and specs of car. Example of my research was like this. I take one type of car then i go to car websites i compere. For example, 2007 Toyota Rav4, on Befoward ref no. BF578562 is $ 7,413 CIF up do Dar es salaam and i comper with Car from japan. 2007 Toyota Rav4 Ref no CFJ0099727 CIF is 7,806 up to Dar es salaam. Based on reality Car from japan is the best because, first interior is in good condition, second a car contains all accessories compering from beforward. On befoward car lacks some of accessories like spear tires, wheel spanner, DVD player etc.

I know your working in the competitive industry but what makes your company to be the best car dealer are:-
Firstly, the best quality of your cars offered,
Secondly, free car inspections before shipping
Thirdly, free/.low car shipping cost to customer destination

Those are among of the reasons that makes me to say that “your the best car dealer”. Keep it up!
I hope i will be among of the winners of this competition even if i will not be a winner i will still supporting you through directing people to buy your cars. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

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