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Dalitso Zeka from Malawi message

Dalitso Zeka from Malawi message
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I have been using Japanese cars since I learnt how to drive.
They are cheap to maintain and very reliable and honestly, they are the only cars that I will be comfortable to use
I know there are a lot of deservedly winners out there but I may have an upper hand over them due to the following reasons :
Being a Malawian doctor, I will be more noticeable to the community I serve when driving a Japanese car than everyone else, which makes me a better promoting agent for Japanese cars than the rest
If I win a car from Japan then you can be assured that I will remain with it for a long time as I have the means to maintain it and that means I will be still buying spares from Japan for a long time
Thirdly, even though am a doctor, I have had time raising enough money to buy a car for my family
So why do I consider myself a better candidate to win, well honestly I feel that though most do deserve to win only few have a genuine reason to need a car than I do

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