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Dagala Robert from Uganda message

Dagala Robert from Uganda message
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Car from Japan.
Goodmorning and thanks for the work you are doing or lendering to us.
The question was why should i be picked as the winner of the car.
One is that this will open eyes of many to start using your company for business because many people knows Beforward mostly in Uganda, little knows about Car from Japan. So for me to win a car doors of opportunity to choose your company to buy cars in our country will be opened.
Secondary many will believe in your company because here some doubt your company and they think it is fraud company which do not exist, so for me winning the car it will bring belief in your company and people will know that it is not frauding but it is for real.
Thirdly this will build a strong connection between car from Japan company to the lowest customer because am a pastor whenever i could go to any place to preach i will not talk about car from Japan for giving me the car and this will be a sign of spreading news about car from Japan, because every week i go out to preach and i speak to a congregation of one thousand people to five thousand minimum. Imagine spreading the news about car from Japan in one thousand people even more really can’t we get some customers in the that one thousand people?.

Lastly about car from Japan i suggest that you can get your faithful car distributor or coordinator in a country or region in order to beat the fraudsters who use your company to cheat people’s money, like you can open an office in our country and it serves the whole of East Africa, this could be good or May be you can get people who are trusted in a country to run your offices and will bring more trust in people who deal with you for businesses.
Because people have that fear of online scammers and sometimes their cars are stolen, sometimes are damaged no where to run for inguires and people remain on crossroads. So when you put an office where they can get all the information about your company, where they can do inquires of the cars they want to buy this will bring in more clients or customers to deal with your company for the purchase of the cars they want.
Because i heard one gentleman lamenting that he will never carryout business online however much or nice the cars may look like because they scammed him some money and it was huge amount of money, so from that day he doesn’t want to hear about on line purchase and he said he prefers going to the bond than buying the car through online.So such people to deal with them you can refer them to your office in the country so that they can trust the transactions they are doing with the company knowing that they are dealing with right people or right company. Because many are heart, many are wounded because they were cheated, scammed by fraudsters.That is all i can suggest and for me i don’t have any problem with Car from Japan, because most of the cars we use here in our country are from Japan only what pains is that your company is not the one leading to sell them to us and by the way, you know why some companies are doing well in our country is because they have offices here in our country ,for example Beforward and people buy their cars because they see them as trusted company because of the office they have in our country. People go there and buy their cars online and confirm with them in their office.
If we can try to do that as Car from Japan we can get outflow of customers to buy cars from Car from Japan. Because here most driven cars are Toyota make from Japan and this can be your stepping stone to the greater heights i tell you.
Thanks for reading my message, i pray that you put into my advice into consideration to see that Car from Japan company does well and goes higher than other car dealer companies in the whole world.
Yours sincerely
Dagala Robert from Jinja in Uganda, aspiring to win a car from Car from Japan Company.
Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year .

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