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Cynthia Chilima from Malawi message

Cynthia Chilima from Malawi message
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Good morning,
First of all, am very grateful to the creator for the wisdom that He imparted to mankind that we are able to produce things.

Secondly, I would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN CO .LTD for introducing this campaign which will benefit us individuals who have entered this competition. It actually show that this company is not only into business but it has a heart for people, a heart to help others. As the company prospers we also prosper.

I believe in cars from Japan becaue they are durable and of good quality. What you see in adverts is exactly what you get and even more than your expectations.
If i happen to be the winner of this competition, I will help CARS FROM JAPAN CO. LTD in advertsiment of their cars and opening a branch here in Malawi for them so that people should not have problems to access their cars.

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