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Cosmas Malinga from Tanzania message

Cosmas Malinga from Tanzania message
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Dear Alan Phan,
I am very glad to receive an encouraging message from you, that possibly I will win the X-MASS CAR award from Japan.
Why should you pick me as a winner:
I) I am your Customer, you sold to me a very attractive, nice PICKUP NISSAN NAVARA.
2) Because of your trustiness, I shared with my relatives about your Cars specifically to Hamis I. Malinga latter on he decided to buy two Japan Cars ( Isuzu Wizard and Noah ). Also I have shared with three friends, very soon are going to Order Cars from Japan.
So because of the above two reasons may you do some favor in order to make me your AMBASSADOR of Japan cars to TANZANIA.
Thank you Madam Alan,
Welcome to our Country, we love you and your cars very much.
Yours truly,

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