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Conrad Ley from Tanzania message

Conrad Ley from Tanzania message
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I should say CAR FROM JAPAN is now proving to be the best Japanese used car distributor and seller in my country (Tanzania) considering few facts like the quickness of providing important information of the car once a prospect client has shown an interest on a certain car, the amount of time taken to receive your car once you’ve made your purchase, tracking system of your car as it’s on it’s way, quality of the car when arrived which many companies have failed to maintain. I give you guys thumbs up and a 5 star if I were to rate your services. The reason why you should pick me as a winner is because first I’m already your biggest fan, not only that but also I’m preparing myself to become an ambassador on this end (Tanzania), that way you will have a trusted friend who is ready and is going to always push your brand further to gain more visibility, engaging with as many prospects as I can and transform them into real clients, to your company that translates into more sales volume. I understand the compatition that’s why I’m willing to push the brand 1) as a person who appreciate your services 2) as a winner since I will have a living proof of what CAR FROM JAPAN is all about.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks & Regards,
Conrad Ley

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