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Clinton Didier from St. Lucia message

Clinton Didier from St. Lucia message
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Good evening, I would be grateful for opportunity to win a new car as I have an old one at present that does not work well. I have 2 kids and a beautiful wife and I would love to drive them around in a car that is dependable and looks good. I travel a lot because i am a fitness instructor and depend greatly on transportation to and from classes but sometimes my car breaks down in all the wrong places and times. It would be my dream come true to win a CAR FROM JAPAN, It would greatly impact the lives of my family as well as giving us a peace of mind when on the road. I have for some time now been looking at the site, visiting and choosing cars I would like to import someday but sometimes life is had and sacrifices have to be made, I take pride in parenthood and family and know that someday things will be great, I am an honest, humble, creative, helpful, driven individual, that only wants the best, not for me but for my family and I work hard to see them happy. I would Sincerely be honored if I win this Japanese used car as a 2016 Christmas gift this year.

Please Send Me this CAR FROM JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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