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Christina Mcdaniel from USA message

Christina Mcdaniel from USA message
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Why should I be picked as the winner? I think I should be pick as the winner because I am a mother of two kids under 5 and don’t have a car and I cannot afford a car. I really need this it would make a world of difference to me if I could win this. Please choose me so I can finally have a way to get around without asking someone else to help me. I would just love to win i have never won anything so I would just be so happy if I could finally win and to win something I really need like this car. Thank you very much for considering me and my kids. And if I don’t win I hope the person who does need this just as much as I do or more than I need it. I’m just glad I am being considered with all the other applicants. I know it is a very long shot that I win but I really hope I can win this not for me but for my kids and so I don’t have to rely on any one else to make sure I get were I need to go. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity and for reading my story. Also thank you so much if I can win this at this time of year when money is tight would be grate the best Christmas present any body could ever ask for and I would love it so much. It is incredibly easy to get points as long as you are willing like I was I am so happy and excited for this chance to try to win and I really hope that I can after trying so hard to win. Good luck to all and God bless each and every one of you.

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