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Chris Charlie nkhoma from Malawi message

Chris Charlie nkhoma from Malawi message
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Am very grateful that you’ve kindly received my application into this wonderful competition which I like to call a once in a life time opportunity to own a great Japanese used car for a gift/prize.

To be honest this is a great marketing strategy, it shows clearly how dedicated you guys (CAR FROM JAPAN) really are. Salute!

Last but not least making me a car winner would only serve me right as a remember back in the days when my father wanted to buy a car I was the one who suggested CAR FROM JAPAN to him and even to my bother inlaw who’s bought from you a couple of times as you have quality durable cars in stock always.and one more thing i recently got married and I need a good car which I believe only CAR FROM JAPAN can provide.

PS. Salute Your good work of supply the world with good quality cars at unbelievably reasonable prices.

kind regards,

Chris Charlie

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