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Charles tembo from Zambia message

Charles tembo from Zambia message
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since I knew this BE FORWARD company I got so interested in it and its my friend who told me how good you are guys and I appreciate you for that because you are my number one and in most of part of the world you are the ones who are reading as now and everyone likes you a lot and come to my side am not happy because its willy hates me a lot and the problem is I don’t have money so that I can work with you or to be a good customer to your company I do try my best but the servings that I like to keep its still low and my friends likes to ask me why I do like be forward and the response I like to tell them is like you don’t like to delay your customers and the good part I do like about you is the quality the client what’s and u don’t like to disappoint them I mean us and that’s why I like you and you are my number one and I hope I will be the one who will win this prize so that I can show my friends how good and special you are so that the might follow the be forward company and I promise you next year 2017 your be forward company will be world wild even this small islands we don’t willy the will know you too and I won’t stop share your post to my friends because I want them to know you and so even them can tell their fellow friends like my friend told me and teach me how nice you and I know if I will be the lucky winner I will show my friends that now I have my dream car beside me so that the can participate too and so that their dream might come true like mine and lastly I will continue like be forward and its for life.I introduced be forward to my fellow friends and some of them started liking be forward because the knew that your company is else to deliver and a lot of my friends built 12 cars from be forward this year and some are still serving money because the knew be forward is the best company than all and I will introducing your company to people I willy know and I promise next years you will receive more customers than this year because we are spreading your company name all over the world because you are the best ever I knew.Charles tembo.

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