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Charles Ignatio from Tanzania message

Charles Ignatio from Tanzania message
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Japan cars are the most affodable and durable cars in the world.
I do appreciate cars from Japan for giving us the wide challenges and forums where we share ideas and comment about your cars.
The safety of these cars is high compared to the most cars produced and imported in different areas around the global and especially in my country Tanzania.
I hope that i will have a chance to win and own one and my dream car from this competition of Chrismas give away 2016.
The most thing interesting in the Cars from Japan is the technology used which is friendly user to both kind of people.
I am sure that when i own this car from Japan even my mother from the village will be able to operate some of the functions in the car because its easier to understand each function and operational keys. It is not a complicated design like other cars we used to see.
The most cars from Japan are affodable in terms of purchasing and running costs( they does not comsume much fuel) not only that but also in mantaining and repairing is very cheap because the spare parts are available in most garages and store for affodable prices here at Tanzania and the nearby countries such as Kenya and Uganda.
Almost 90 percent of the cars i had seen and used as means of transport from one region to another, since i was in primary school are Cars From Japan.
Once again i would like to appreciate you cars from Japan and your sponsors for giving us a chance to express and share our feelings and comments on cars from Japan.
Much respect and appreciate to you Madame Lan Phan,chief marketing officer at CARS FROM Japan for the welcoming and encouraging word in this competition.
I wish you the best of Lucy in providing us good services from your comany, on behalf of your customers around the world. I,Charles Ignatio i wish you all MARY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. Cars from Japan Boom! Boom! Boom!t

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