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Charles Desiderio Liwimbi from Malawi message

Charles Desiderio Liwimbi from Malawi message
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You should choose me as the winner of the car for this competition because of the following, one I am a fan of all Japanese cars and to be specific the fan of your company CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD, I have been participated in all the competition your company have been running though I haven’t win, and the most of all I love cars to be specific I like a Toyota Corolla AXIO year of make between 2009 to 2015
Japanese cars have long been regarded as the most dependable and reliable cars on the road in this part of Africa to be specific Malawi.
These cars are slightly cheaper compared to other car sold by other dealer in this part Africa. You can get a Japanese car within your budget which can provide you with comfort, luxury and safety hence save thousands of dollars in the process.
If you import cars from Japan to resale, you can also import them at a cheaper price and sale them for more profit at the end.
You can also get a specific kind of model of a car you want since Japanese cars are available in different models hence gives you wide area of choice to select.
The other reason why Japanese cars are good is that it’s easy to get spare part locally at a lower price since now a day’s most of the people are doing business of selling spare parts for cars from Japan which they also import at a cheaper price. These parts can also fit on a wide range of Japanese cars models.

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