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Chantell Leahencha Brendell from Namibia message

Chantell Leahencha Brendell from Namibia message
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Hi my name is Chantell Brendell I’m 22 years of age and live in Walvis Bay Namibia. First of all I would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for opening a brunch here in Walvis Bay the company has provided jobs and give affordable cars for our nation… As you may now Namibia has a high unemployment and strugel rate…. Let me explain first unemployment is because we have to many high educated people and to few company’s to accommodate them and pay them for there qualifications that’s why they settle for n lower income just to provide for there family’s… So now this is where the strugel comes in we are over qualified now we must settle for any job that comes our way, now whe struggle with transport and what we qualify at the bank for a car loan is to low to buy a brand new car at Nissan, Ford, M&Z, ect… Now whe can fall back and go to CAR FROM JAPAN for n reasonable price although it’s Japenese use car it’s afordalbe and can take you where Nissan cars can take you….😃So why settle for a Golf6 at Nissan for over a hundred thousand that does execly what a Golf 6 of CAR FROM JAPAN do for just a lower price of 60 or 80 thousand …. Make wise choices… I thank you

Your Senserly
Chantell Brendell

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