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Catherine G Mritha from Thailand message

Catherine G Mritha from Thailand message
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Say something nice! My name is Catherine G Mritha am from Tanzania though am Tanzanian i love Japan and I love cars from Japan because they are in good quality and also I have been watching movies from Japan so I like your products.
By making me the winner you will create an idea of having more customers from Tanzania because I will use the car to insist people to buy cars for Japan because they are in higher and good quality
Tanzania is a developing country so people tend to buy cars so as to increase their earnings so that life can be more simple in a country like Japan it has already developed and it’s in a higher level of economic therefore by doing such activity of car winning projects they tend to create more customers all over the world
Let me encourage you even if I won’t be the winner I will purchase my car from Japan because it is my dream
I love Japan and it’s product’s

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