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Brianna morison from Jamaica message

Brianna morison from Jamaica message
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A year ago i got interested in cars from japan i asked around and alot of person’s recommend that its better, easier and cheaper as well. My father currently owns a toyota vitz 2011 it is a Japanese car because the radio is in Japanese language . Japanese used cars are also affordable and the conditions are fair as well. I am a college student that attends The Caribbean Maritime Institute I live very far from school and sometimes have transportation issue because my father isn’t able to carry me to school everyday. I started looking on Japanese cars from various sites and research information about shipping, my father owns a shipping company so i asked him for a few information needed. I always dream of having a swift but I’m not fully a 100% ready due to its speed i am inlove with small cars but deeply inlove with mazda demio. It is very neat and easy to manage. I am desperately in need and hopefully i have a chance of earing a car from this.

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