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Brian Musonda from Zambia message

Brian Musonda from Zambia message
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For a long time now in my country its become more and more apparent that a vehicle is more than just a luxury but a necessity, everyday activities seem to point to one inevitability, the requirement of a car, from simply getting from one part of town to another or commuting across town to visit our loved ones..its much easier to move in the convenience of your own vehicle. In as much as fuel prices may reach ridiculous prices its much easier when u have your own car. There are times when we need to make moves with our children or the much older generation who cannot simply strain themselves in order get to a certain location, I think ibshould win the competition because my need to have a car supercedes any superficial desires to be moving on four wheels. Having a car will make my life a whole lost easier and am thankful to cars from japan for making it possible to win at such a time as this.
Regards Brian

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