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BRIAN BARASA KHAEMBA from Kenya message

BRIAN BARASA KHAEMBA from Kenya message
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The entire office of Car from Japan, Shalom!
My name is Brian Barasa Khaemba from Kenya. I’m strong, energetic and full of ideas especially in areas of Marketing. This makes it a core reason why I should be considered as a winner to help market car from Japan. There are numerous benefits of Japanese used cars. For example, they represent an excellent value for the consumer looking to buy a high quality used car with outstanding reliability and worry free operation. Fit and finish is exceptional. Gas mileage is generally above average and dependability is outstanding, but Japanese cars still tend to rate higher in those categories. Japanese used cars are great city cars because of their high gas mileage and size, making them inexpensive to operate. Additionally, Japanese used cars produce ultra low emissions resulting in a greener planet. Japanese used cars have a level of comfort and convenience that is rivaled by other automakers. Many times Japanese used cars cost less than comparable to other countries competing with like American cars, yet tend to retain their value longer which results in a higher resale value. In detail I’m proud of Japanese cars because of the following reasons:
Reliability: Japanese cars have a reputation for being some of the most reliable on the road, generally, it’s a rare occurrence to see a Japanese car owner stuck on the side of the highway. With a reasonable amount of care and service the Japanese car you bought years ago will still be running in very good condition years from now. Japanese vehicle owners report being able to clock up 200,000 or 300,000 miles before major repairs are required. These used cars are reliable and durable. These is because these cars will never ditch you on the road, if taken proper care. Most of the Japanese cars which were sold several years ago are still running on the road and in very good condition too. For instance, used cars from Japan are on hot cakes.
High Quality: The quality of cars from Japan is very high, this is because of strict quality tests set by Japanese government. If a vehicle does not pass this quality test than it is banned and not allowed to go on the road. Overall condition of Japanese used cars also tends to be immaculate. You can also count on quality and attractive designs on Japanese cars which won’t quickly become outdated. Japanese automakers tend to change the styling of their vehicles far less frequently than other competitors like American and European counterparts. Also once the car is sold either through the auction or through any dealer a final inspection of the car is also done.
Better fuel efficiency: The excellent fuel efficiency of Japanese cars is one of their biggest advantages; it’s not only great for the environment but it will provide an ongoing financial saving for years to come. The Japanese auto parts industry has invested a lot of research into producing more fuel efficient cars as well as hybrid cars which are more fuel efficient than conventional cars. Because of its fuel efficient, one can save even after buying a car at a very low cost. The advancement of auto technology has helped Japanese car manufactures to produce more fuel efficient cars.
Affordable /Value for money i.e Low cost: Japanese cars tend to available for a low cost, making them affordable to almost everyone. The reason of low cost is that the competition within the Japanese auto industry. Plus the resale value of Japanese used cars is relatively high as Japanese cars don’t seem to depreciate as fast as other competitors like American or European vehicles. Japanese auto auction is another reason that leads to low cost. People can buy vehicles from these auctions at a very low price
Eco-Friendly: These cars are environment friendly and emits very less amount of harmful materials. Fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness are somewhat interlinked. The cars which intakes less fuel also emit less harmful gases. So environment stays clean and green.
Equipped with latest features: These cars are equipped with latest features which make the drive of this car more comfortable and enjoyable. These Features also enhance the safety of these vehicles.
Durability: Durability makes these cars long lasting with many lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. These makes all cars to go to long distance without default.
Cheap maintenance: Low maintenance requirements means saving money during the course of ownership.
Value retain: Japanese used cars tend to retain their value longer giving them a higher resale value.
Gas mileage: Gas mileage is typically higher in both city and highway driving saving money at the pump and reducing vehicle emissions.
Brilliant at austerity: Other competitors of Japanese like German cars are extremely refined. Every single part is pretty well thought out. The Japanese used cars are brilliant at austerity on the whole. Ford and Chrysler have been well influenced by Japanese design and manufacturing ideals too.
Cheap to build and fast to assemble: Japanese cars are designed to be cheap to build and fast to assemble, something the the other competitors like Germans have struggled with for years. Also are mechanically reliable, many Japanese used cars are built with much less formidable materials than many competitors cars like German cars. They are in many cases minimalist in design and manufacture i.e what the Germans do with twenty complex fasteners, the Japanese will do with four cheap plastic ones.
Conclusion: In conclusion and good news to all people from all regions in the world, the best and easiest way to buy your desired car is the car from Japan i.e Japanese used car. There are thousands of used vehicles listed on daily basis where people come and chose their vehicles and buy it but my advice is that you must find one authentic dealer or exporter in Japan through which you can bid for your chosen car because you cannot bid individually for a car in auction.

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