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Benny Kakweza from Zimbabwe message

Benny Kakweza from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you very much for such a wonderful and colorful event, may the blessing of the Lord be upon you for give back to the community. The world needs more people like you.
The reason why i should be picked as the winner is at our local church am very much involved in evangelism team and intercessory team. we fail mostly to reach more people because we are not mobile. that makes the situation very difficult for us. so for us to do the work of our Lord Jesus Christ and to fulfill the great commission without the limitation of transport. That makes me the number one contender of the big price.
I can imagine how many people will be reached if i won the car as the car will be mostly used for the kingdom of God not for personal use.

I really salute you for this opportunity

Many Thanks
Benny Kakweza

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