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Bassey Essiien from Nigeria message

Bassey Essiien from Nigeria message
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My name is Bassey Essien. I am a Nigerian living and working in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.I am a fire fighter by profession.i was enlightened by a friend about Car From Japan early this year and eventually I subscribed and also enrolled in the 2016 Free Car gift competition. Unfortunately I was not lucky to be the shortlisted winner. However disappointing it was to me,I still believe I still stand a good chance of being shortlisted as the winner of the Xmas Car gift competition coming up in December this year, hence I decide to give it one last try.
Car from Japan is known worldwide and it has great potentials in Nigeria in particular and Africa as a whole. Nigerians are crazy about Japanese made cars.Apart from their durability,Nigerians also appreciate their level of fuel efficiency. This lead to massive patronage of these specification of vehicles. I personally admire and subscribe to Japanese cars . Of course my first and second vehicles were Japanese makes.
I wish therefore that my luck will shine bright this time and I will be chosen as the winner of this very prestigious Xmas gift.
Thanks for giving me these wonderful opportunity.

Warm Regards
Bassey Essien

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