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Atunaisa Maitoga from Fiji message

Atunaisa Maitoga from Fiji message
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Hello! I write this message first of all because Cars have always been a part of me and without cars, life would just be simple, day in and day out. Fiji has always been a lover of Japanese used cars and it is evident here on the amount of used car dealers around the country filled with cars from Japan varying from size and luxury. We here in Fiji prefer Japanese used cars or even brand new cars from Japan because we have a variety of spare parts stores that provide us with cheap and reasonable prices, and also quality. Our wharf’s are still filled with imported Japanese cars making their way into our country because it provides us with service and security. We use to have a mentality that only rich and successful people can afford a car, but Japanese cars flooding our shores mean that we have an equal opportunity to enjoy that piece of luxury because they are affordable to all walks of life at a reasonable price. To own a car is to showcase success, pride and confidence and Japanese cars has given us this privilege to enjoy what was thought impossible. Japanese used cars has given every family in Fiji the opportunity to be successful and feel confidence about life. I bought my first car in 2014 which was a used Japanese car, a Toyota LPG Delux model year 1999 and had so much memories because it was two years after I got married and a year after my son was born. It was black in colour and we nicknamed it: “The Black Madonna”..I never thought that I would get to buy a car that early all thanks to Japanese used cars who made it affordable for me and my family. The question is why should you pick me as the winner? The only honest answer I can come up with is that Cars from Japan has unlocked the solution to transportation needs to many 2nd and 3rd world countries like Fiji and we will be forever grateful to the people of Japan from providing such a great service to Humanity and that is in the form of transportation. Without affordable transportation, getting in touch with family and friends would be a difficult and uncomfortable journey with an expensive tag. Thank you Japan for allowing us to be a part of your wealth. A saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can give without love, but you cannot love without giving. This is the true form of love. Through Japanese made vehicles whether it be new or used, Japanese vehicles has shown and proved that it is indeed the ” Mother Teresa” of the automobile Industry.

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