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Asael david from Kenya message

Asael david from Kenya message
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The cars that you guys sell are like a a first class jet: comfortability and efficiency in use.

 Look LAN PHAN From where i work Nairobi city  to my home town kisii  it is over 1500 kilometer,When it is festival period like Christmas,The The public vehicle that I normally us frustrate me by uprising the price five times normal.

  Just welcome Nairobi u will get people camping in the bus stop 

Due to scarcity of the buses.Like me I sometime never celebrate chrismass with my farmily due to maybe lucking the bus or lucking the transport because they have upraised.

  I discovered how super your cars are on a day I was given a ride by one man who cought me stranded in a bus was a lovely experience I encountered inside.very comfortable even with our Kenyan roads I never sensed any pump. I arrived home on time.That is a day I told my heart that if I get money one day I must get a Japanese car.And now I see the opportunity I  decides that I give a try since my savings are far from reaching the price of a car.

 LAN I believe if I get this car I will always carry few people from this congested bus station as I was given a ride that positive impacted my  feeling toward Japan cars..

It will be a gift to my wife and firstborn son.I will appreciate them for being in my side in my hardest time of my life of strugle in putting a bread in the table.

I deaply say thank you,for going through my latter. Am looking forward to hear from you soon.Hopping and believing that you will put me into your comparison and even giving me a new life for this Chrismass season. I will really appreciate any word from u.

In God I trust u will remember me thank you so much.Have good time in choosing. Byee byee

     Yours faithful

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