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ARNOLD PETERS from Zimbabwe message

ARNOLD PETERS from Zimbabwe message
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Good day all, the reasons for me to be picked is the fact that i own a mechanical workshop in Harare and therefore marketing exposure for CAR FROM JAPAN and Japenese used cars is evidant. By winning the vehicle i will be directly and indirectly marketing CAR FROM JAPAN and japenese used cars everyday avery hour. My family will have the pleasure of riding in this comfortable and reliable vehicle and in this way will boost my image. I can then drive to neighboring countries like Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and Namibia thus promoting this beautiful product in style. I yhink CAR FROM JAPAN is a winner as I had the franchise for Daihatsu which is a fantatsic product. They have since been taken over by Toyota so we lost our franchise but Toyota still come back to us for insight and spares? Well due to time constraints I cannot add anything further but do hope that CAR FROM JAPAN and Japenese used cars give me your atmost favourable consideration and make me a winner which will be a lovely gift for me and my two beautiful boys Pasquale and Kieran Peters. Best regards Arnold Peters, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa.

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