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Anwar Sarianto from Indonesia message

Anwar Sarianto from Indonesia message
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In my country, Indonesia average used car made in Japan. Since Cars from Japan in addition to better and robust engine also has high durability. I had long wanted to have their own cars. Since I was little Japanese car is a flagship car. Machine more durable and tough in all fields.
But to have a car is not something that is easy for me because of improper financial support. Sometimes my heart is sad when the little girl I saw schoolmates home in the car, while we had rode on the bike despite the rain and hot weather. Sometimes my son who is 4 years old had said. Dad, I’ll buy a car like that yes … I can only promise. I’ve never tried to buy premises on credit, but all require the dealer to pay the down payment is not small. Finally intentions even then do not succeed …
Sometimes I cry when I saw other people can go walking to all the places, recreation to the beach, could meet with other families much house for this can only be through social media for communication. Not I do not want to invite you to leave my daughter, your father can not bear if you should fall asleep behind the handlebar matic us because it was too tired, did not have the heart if you have sunshine and rain. Wait until there are dealers who can give loans without a down payment. We will have a new car and can realize your wishes.


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