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Anuforo Anderson Chidi from Nigeria message

Anuforo Anderson Chidi from Nigeria message
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I think CAR FROM JAPAN is an ingenious marketing strategy to open up the world to unique Japanese brands of cars, which people may never have known otherwise. I heard about CAR FROM JAPAN on an online platform and decided to click the link and find out for myself if the offer could be true. So far, I think it is legitimate and personally, I have been sensitized to the presence of several other Japanese brands of cars that I never knew before. I think it is a great opportunity to open the eyes and minds of potential entrepreneurs to the possibility of car importation as a new source of providing value, meeting the needs of people in their countries and also increasing their income.
The car I selected will help to significantly increase my productivity and the ease of transporting myself and materials I may need to carry out responsibilities at sites that are far away from my home and primary workplace.
There are communities in the state where I live and the one where I work, which don’t have access to basic healthcare. A few friends and I have plans to help out with free medical outreaches to these communities involving activities related to health promotion, health education, screening exercises for prevalent chronic illnesses: this will allow for early diagnosis and prompt initiation of treatment in order to reduce disability, handicap and even death arising from complications of these diseases. We intend to start small and build capacity over time. However, currently a vehicle is a major requirement for the commencement of this vision in earnest. The cost of hiring a means of transportation to and from some of these communities would make the cost of the projects abominably high and literally unbearable at the present time.
Consequently, if I win this car, it will make not only my life better but the lives of hundreds to thousands of people in my environment. In addition, certain other opportunities will become more feasible with the entrance of this vehicle. Not to mention that the road to and from my home is terrible and barely motorable by regular cars.
If I am picked as the winner, I will serve as an ambassador of Japanese cars and auto products, and do everything in my power to help open a new market for Japanese used cars first within my circle of influence and later beyond as I build capacity and develop further.
I would like to thank you in advance for your kind consideration.
Arigatou gozaimasu.

Yours Sincerely
Anderson Anuforo

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