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Anton Scheepers from South Africa message

Anton Scheepers from South Africa message
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I truly hope that I will be the winner of this campaign.
Three years ago I lost my job and last year was forced to sell my car in order to keep my head above water. My wife and I have since started a small baking business from home. It is going fairly well, but not well enough for us to purchase a car. We have to rely on others to take us where we need to go or otherwise I have to walk all over the place. We have been praying for a car to get us around to enable us to get the things we need to continue our little home based business. We are also trusting that God will provide for us. Until such time I will continue to believe that God had a plan and a purpose for us and will continue to praise Him from the bottom of my heart.
I thank you for this opportunity to share.
God bless.

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