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Aniba Carlos Iawe from Mozambique message

Aniba Carlos Iawe from Mozambique message
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I call myself Anibal Carlos one of the participants of the new tender offered by your company, to thank for the opportunity that we have to be winners of one of your cars. I, like many of us, are working hard to be able to win this car, just like in the first contest, I’m a young student and hard worker, my life has not been easy, I have to train and still work to help my family, because my mother She is unemployed and my father can not support us all, we work and study to help our family, now this contest has come. It’s a great opportunity for me to win a car that can help our family in different senses, we always dream of having a car That could help us with expenses, a car is to work as a taxi, semi-passenger transport or other type of cargo, my great difficulty is not to have enough time to dede to the contest completely because I have to go to work and on the way out I’m going to school, but I’ve done everything, I’ve dedicated part of my life to winning this car, but I’m not better than anyone, I just do my part to win, promoting your page in the social networks, sending invitations to people in almost every corner . If I could win this prize I would be very grateful and happy, because this will be a change in my life, once again thank you for the attention and understanding.

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