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Andrew from United Kingdom message

Andrew from United Kingdom message
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Hi let me start by wishing the team a very happy season this Christmas time. I hope that it will have brought another season to a chearfull close and look forward to welcoming in another year blessed with timely sucess.. I have always looked forward to receiving updated about the company and have shared them with others in my personal network.. I look forward to the new season ahead with anticipation as here in England we cntinue to move forward into an uncertain world and buisiness connections post Brexit.. If i were chosen to be a winner it would give me personally an oppertunity never afforded to myself of having a link outside of our EU connections as these cars are all quality assured and aftera all second hand it fits nicely with my ethical buisness mindset in preserving somthing by recycling it,, ie in the second hand markets globally … this helps not just ourselves but the environment, as to resell internationally reduces the overall impact of initial manufacturing upon our environment.. now although the figures may seem obscure by comparrison within an even bigger picture the more we can support this kind of sale and distribution Globally with your buisiness and others I can play my part .. having thought long and hard and never taken part in a prize draw like this, it gives me great pleasure to have applied to Car From Japan for the oppertunity to make a difference not just to my life but influence others with the promotion of another view of marketing the company profile..

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