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Alfred Litunya from Kenya message

Alfred Litunya from Kenya message
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Am Kenyan who dream a powerful car from Japan , Japannese used car is always the best because of history shared to the new owners. In Kenya almost 80 % cars on the are from Japan. This would be opportunity to promote the market of Japanese used cars.
Am resident of lodwar town from arid county in kenya, with the worst terrain this would prove that Japanese used car can withstand off-road terrain.

Adaptive drive features of car from Japan would an experience to promote Japanese used cars.

A car from Japan would give a feel of comfort, stability, economical fuel consumption, privacy feature, more seating space, more leg room, entertainment, speed, safety and many more irregardless of age.

Japanese used car is always very cheap that is pocket friend for most middle class today f Kenyan population.

Tracking of Japanese used car gives ultimate future history for most real by manufacturers for improvement. Being from Turkana this would help in improving the products from Japan on design.

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