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Alex Philipo from Tanzania message

Alex Philipo from Tanzania message
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Hello, Am glad to be a part of Car From Japan campaign. Car from Japan has got a great motive of enriching lives and simplify trade. As one of the major factor in trade, transport must be effective. The effectiveness of transportation is ensured by Car from Japan company that ensures low prices that are affordable to majority. Car from Japan ensures the customer great services from the time of purchasing the car, shipping and exportation of the car.

Am so glad for Car from Japan. As a participant in the campaign, i feel happy since when i become a winner i will choose a bus which will be used to ensure the public transport is great and make sure I advertise Car from Japan at my bus so that people in my city can know that it’s a great company for them to buy cars.

Car from Japan company should invest much in building office in Africa especially East Africa specific in Tanzania due to the fact that, in East Africa, we all import cars from Japan so if you build your offices at our country people can become more confident on your services since there are lot of scanners in the internet so when people see your company office they will become more confident on trading from your company.

I am happy to be your partner in my country to establish a headquarter and start advertising your company in my country. I am happy to be one among your team that will bring a great market in my county in selling car. Let’s make East Africa a great center for business so that a lot of people can have access to your services. Am looking forward hoping that my proposal should be considered and looking forward to work with you in my country Tanzania.

Let’s make Car from Japan a great company where people in Tanzania can buy best cars for affordable price and make the best brand company that will rock in Tanzania.

Let car from Japan become a number one company in Tanzania for car trade. Let car from Japan increase it’s marketing strategies to capture the market in my country.

As a company I suggest you should keep on the good spirit of providing a great service to all people around the world.

All I want to say is long live Car from Japan.

Alex Philipo
Dar es Salaam

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