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Alena from Fiji message

Alena from Fiji message
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First and foremost, I love when someone have to tell me anything to do with Japan when it comes to movies…. Even though I don’t know the Japanese dialect, TV series comes with subtitles and yes I always love to watch till the end. I live in a country where most of the vehicles are properties of Japan, any new breed of vehicles that arrives in Fiji are mostly from Japan. All these cars that I love and one day wish to have is something that has to come from Japan. I was in University and trying to complete a management unit, one of the case study was Toyota Company, Japan. Basically anything with regards to vehicle here in Fiji is all about “What is the next best thing from Japan” you will see that Fiji citizens craves for. I am one of those people and I only hope that if given a chance, I would say that I will always be proud to be part of Japan. I think Car From Japan is a good way to spread the world and around the entire globe that you not only a leading vehicle dealers but one I know that are proud of being Japanese…Best in managing, best in marketing, best in encouraging and even now giving.. Thanks a lot.. this gives opportunities to us to at least be part of your marketing and spreading the word of your company. GOD BLESS

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